New at SIKA:
Thames Dragon Boating EXPERIENCE Day
Mixed Adults Handball
Mixed Youth Handball
Watersport/Paddling sport
Capoeira Muzenza
Supple Strength
Fight for Peace Academy
Unicycle Hockey
Group Tennis Session
Paragon Gym
Beckton Table Tennis
Hackney Fit
Special Yoga
Acorn FC
Plashet Park Bowling Club
Badminton Coaching
Nemesis Dance (Street dance sessions)
Personal Training
WingTsun Kung Fu (Martial art Self Defence)
Foundation Exam revision classes
Cycling Club Hackney (CCH): Saturday Club
Boxercise bootcamp
Cycling Club Hackney (CCH): Sunday Club
Higher Exam revision class
The Fawcett Youth and Community Bike Club
Key Stage 3
Super Malcom Hip Hop Dance Class
Key Stage 2
Aqua Fit Spin
90 Day Bootcamp Challenge
Knights Karate & Self-Defence Club
90 DAY Bootcamp Program
Ladies Only (fitness kickboxing)
Tai Tsung Kung Fu
Tang Taekwondo Academy (Master James Eldon)
Personal Training/Sports Massage
Beginners and white belt taekwondo lessons
Fitness First Camden
Shotokan Karate
South East England Martial Arts Federation
Kempo Jujitsu
Beginners Belly Dance
Intermediate Belly Dance
Zumba Fitness
Jalya Belly Dance

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SIKA Academy has been funded by The Prince's Trust to help local communities.

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Welcome to SIKA Academy

Our objectives are to:

  • have a measurable positive effect on physical health, attitude, confidence and community spirit
  • promote a healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging more people to take up local leisure pursuits
  • focus on making it easy for people of all ages to take positive decisions about their lifestyle



Being the Embodiment of Possibility

by Kingsley Michaels

Tuesday 21st January 2014

As the new year starts I thought I would share with you my plans, resolutions and hopes for the future. I have described my transformation from my troubled times of past to where I am today in my bio section of the site. It is my complete motivation to help steer people away from negative influences and towards better lives following my tribulations. But now is a time for looking to the future and I want to lead the way in my efforts as an example to others and as a testament to what we are striving for, here at SIKA Academy.

I am pledging to voluntarily give more of my time to help coach young people so that they gain the morals and benefits of being involved in sport, and also in order to help build community and develop a safe, healthy and united society which can achieve more together. This is in addition to visiting and trying any of our activity providers offerings so I know personally what we are promoting and what exactly is to be gained, developing links and creating partners in this mission.

Extra motivation comes from having my own children and hope they can look up to me and be proud.

It is through an active lifestyle that most of these values can be achieved and it is why I founded SIKA academy; to provide people with more opportunity to find the right activity for them. We are striving for good things, more providers and more Sports Ambassadors being the current focus, to help people choose something they will enjoy for life. This New Year campaign will see our Sports Ambassadors coming to your door or an area near you soon. Please help us spread the word if you can about us and what we are trying to achieve.

I promise to myself and those around me that I will carry out these goals and uphold my beliefs and impart the goodness they bring in my life, through the work I do.


Kingsley Michaels

Founder of SIKA Academy